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(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Imperial Starfleet officer
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Imperial Federation of United Worlds


Imperial Starfleet


Imperial Science Core, IMACO

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An Imperial Starfleet Officer is the primary combat soldier and Scientific exploratory unit of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds.


All Imperial Starfleet Officers receive a mandatory 7 years of military training at Imperial Starfleet Academy and are trained in several military and scientific disciplines such as:

  • Hand to hand combat techniques
  • Phaser marksmanship
  • Heavy munitions
  • Special ops.
  • Ships tactical systems
  • Astrometrics
  • Basic & Special Sciences
  • Biology (Human & Alien)
  • Astrophysics
  • Exo & Crypto-Genetics
  • Exo & Crypto-biology
  • Exo & Crypto-zoology
  • Quantum, Particle, and Astrophysics
All Imperial Starfleet cadets begin training at the age of 12 years and finish by the age of 18 years

Rank ClassesEdit

All Imperial Officers are sub divided into several Classes and Sub-Classes of rank/function they are:

  • Imperial Basic Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: From Ensign to Basic Infantry)
  • Imperial Medical Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: nearly any medical rank from nurse to surgeon)
  • Imperial Sciences Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: nearly any form of Science or Research officer)
  • Imperial Tactical Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: From Special Security to Heavy Infantry)
  • Imperial Command Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: From High to Fleet Captain)
  • Imperial High Officer (Prime Universe Equivalent: From Admiral to Commodore)

Duty UniformsEdit

All Imperial Officers are required to wear either a special cloth or Heavy combat holo based Duty Uniform for reasons of Practicality and appearance. All Imperial Uniforms are required to be low yield weapons fire (minimum) resistant, fire proof, Water proof, and specially insulated in all atmospheric conditions, keeping its wearer warm in colder climates and cooler in warm climates. These are several Examples of several types of uniforms:

Male/Unisex UniformsEdit

Female UniformsEdit

List of Imperial Starfleet OfficersEdit

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