Alternate timeline
(covers information from Imperial Commonwealth of Planets)

Imperial Standard, also referred to as Common Tongue or Terran Basic, is the official state language of the United Empire of Solvada and the Imperial Commonwealth of Planets. Its origins come from Latin, an Indo-European language originating from the Italic Peninsula, and forming the basis for many European languages that came after it. This language was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire, an ancient Earth government which made several accomplishments in its time, and became known in history as one of the greatest human civilizations to exist before the discovery of warp travel. Before the establishment of Solvada and the Commonwealth, Latin was considered to be obsolete and practically extinct, rarely used in regular conversation and regarded only as a language of prestige known primarily to those of higher learning. When the Federation collapsed, the language was revitalized by Emperor Ricarius and encouraged within all areas of human society under the newly-formed Solvadan government, before being renamed to Imperial Standard following the formation of the Commonwealth, to further emphasize the agenda now adopted by the new regime.