Illiari Prime
Saturn from Cassini Orbiter 282004-10-06 29




Illiarian War Council

Saturn from Cassini Orbiter 282007-01-19 29

Illiari Prime is the central planet, Homeworld, and Headquarters of the Illiari Interstellar Empire (known as the Illiarian War Council). One of the Central members of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds Illiari Prime is 1 of the main strategic Defense systems in the entire inter-imperial Defense Grid of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.



Ab minerets of fallen wizards

The Topsoil composition of Illiari Prime is somewhat similar in composition to Terra, but denser. With a primarily Composition of Periodite and Iron Dioxide Above this are its oceans. They consist of a thicker liquid metallic hydrogen , followed by a layer of liquid hydrogen and helium, and in the outermost 1000 km is its gaseous atmosphere which is breathable (to illiarians) however due to their Insectoid nature most Illiarians have lived for eons underground in massive armor reinforced Hive Cities. Traces of various ices are also present. The core region is estimated to be about 9–22 times the mass of the Mars.

Illiari Prime has a very hot interior, reaching 11 700 °C at the core, and it radiates 2.5 times more energy into space than it receives from the Sun. Most of the extra energy is generated by the Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism (slow gravitational compression), but this alone may not be sufficient to explain the planets heat production (perhaps from internal heat maintenance). An additional proposed mechanism by which it may generate some of its heat is the "raining out" of droplets of helium deep in over a large portion of Illiari's interior, the droplets of helium releasing heat by friction as they fall down through the lighter hydrogen.


Illiari Prime has a small superheated and concentrated solid rocky core surrounded mostly by hydrogen and helium.

Stellar ConfigurationEdit

Illiari Prime is in orbit around 2 Dwarf Polar Suns its central illumination and primary solar heat source Celeron-012 a A4 V-Class sun and a 2ndary star used primarily as a power and fuel source Alanon-07 a primary blue dwarf C-2 Class star.

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