Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)

ISS Galaxy
USS Enterprise-D, These Are the Voyages






Terran Empire


Destroyed (2364)


ISS Galaxy (NCC-71805) was a Galaxy-class ship launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2365. The Galaxy mission was to track down the Terran that had been taken from Sol III by the Cardassians and return the safely. The Galaxy was fitted with an array of powerful weapons including a new type of photon torpedo call Quantum torpedoes. The Galaxy went behind enemy line on the 9th May 2365 and plotted a course for the Cardassian prison camp on Chin’Toka where most of the Terrans had been taken. The Galaxy engaged the Cardassian forces in orbit of the planet and a strike team beamed down and rescued the human prisoners.

The Escape from Chin'Toka

The Yamato was then chased out of Alliance space by a fleet of mixed Cardassian and Klingon ships. The Yamato made across the border and was intercepted by the ISS Yorktown and a small fleet of Terran ships. A battle broke out in which the Yamato took heavy damage and lost her Captain. The Yamato and the Terran fleet pushed the Alliance ships back and the battle was over. The Yamato then took the prisoner they have rescued to a local starbase where the ship also underwent repairs.

Destruction of the Galaxy

Later in 2364 the Galaxy was destroyed by three Negh'Var-class Warships an two Keldon-class Warships.