Mirror Universe
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ISS Voyager
I S S Man O War WIP by stourangeau




Trident (mirror)



I S S Voyager Crest Desktop by stourangeau

ISS Voyager (Imperial Registry: NCC-74656) is the first Trident-class Terran Imperial long range exploratory Warship deployed on WarDate 48038.5 by the newly reformed Terran Empire into the Delta Quadrant in order to begin Imperial expansion and subjugation of the entirety of the galaxy.


For decades both the Terran Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance have known about the existence of a powerful alien being known only as the Caretaker that lived on the outskirts of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. However the primary problem was how to coerce such a being into allowing one of their ships to enter the quadrant. Their solution came in the form of O, a near god-like being which appeared as a small boy who only wanted to "help" the empire get what it wanted. On January 11th 2385, after the establishment of the New Terran Empire, Voyager was launched into the former war zone known as the Badlands and began its assault on the Caretaker array in the fight now known as the Battle of Delta Sector 001.

Crew ManifestEdit

Command CrewEdit

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