Mirror Universe
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ISS Enterprise
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Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet


Destroyed (2155)








  • 5 Dual Barrel Rapid burst Phase Cannons (Rotating) (360 Bursts per second)
  • 4 Photonic torpedo Launchers (Forward & Aft)
  • 4 Heavy EM 860mm. Automatic Rail Cannons (850 Rounds per second)
  • 8 Mini Flak Cannons (220 Meter wide shrapnel burst)
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For prime universe starship, see Enterprise (NX-01).
For rebuilt starship, see ISS Enterprise (NC-01).
For additional meanings of "Enterprise", please see Enterprise (disambiguation).

The ISS Enterprise (NX-01) was an NX-class ship utilized by the Terran Empire. During the 2150s, Enterprise was under the command of Captain Maximilian Forrest and the flagship of the Imperial Starfleet.


Jonathan Archer considered the crew the most battle tested in the fleet, the ship having engaged enemies including the Xindi and the Klingons. In 2155 Archer mutinied against Captain Forrest after discovering the Tholians had captured a human starship. By capturing a Tholian pilot, he discovered the location of the vessel and locked the course of the ship to the Vintaak System using a captured Suliban Cloaking Device to remain undetected. Despite Forrests regaining the ship Fleet Admiral Gardner decided to continue the mission, Archer explained the ship was from not only an alternate universe but also the future of that universe and brought into their reality by the Tholians. Upon the ship's arrival the crew discovered the future ship in a drydock in orbit around a gas giant, an assault team was lead by Archer to download the computer data. However the captured Tholian sent out a signal which alerted them to the presence of the Terran ship,in the following battle Enterprise was destroyed by a Tholian web. Around 40 crew members survived the ship's destruction in escape pods with Forrest staying aboard giving his life to save his crew.

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