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For prime universe starship, see USS Discovery (NCC-74749).

The ISS Discovery (NCC-74749) was a Nebulas-class Terran Imperial Exploratory Warship in service to Imperial Starfleet in the late 23rd century that existed in a mirror universe. The ISS Discovery was first encountered by the USS Discovery in 2277 when both vessels were pulled into a Subspace Tear.



The ISS Discovery exterior was fairly similar to the USS Discovery, however the ISS Discovery had a 3rd Warp Engine on the dorsal section of the Engineering section. The interiors where completely different, instead of been clean bright and spacious like the prime universe ship, the ISS Discovery was dark with showing pipes and wires and evidence that the ship had been attacked before. The bridge of the Discovery wasn’t as simple as the USS Discovery with only a few stations. It had work stations along every wall. The Commanding officers chair was elevated above the Bridge by 5 steps with two tactical stations beside the chair.


The Discovery was scanning the area for any signs of any enemy vessel when the ship was pulled into a Subspace Tear that suddenly opened where it met the USS Discovery. Commodore Martha Mcbeath ordered the Discovery to attack the USS Discovery, however the USS Discovery had more powerful weapons which overwhelmed the ISS Discovery shields and disabled its engines. After talking over the viewscreen Mcbeath agreed to beam over to the USS Discovery where both Mcbeaths discussed the situation. After a plan to seal the Subspace Tear was complete and return to their own universes, just when a fleet of 3 Jeloran Battlecruisers from the Mirror Universe entered the Subspace Tear and began to attack both vessels. The Discovery covered the USS Discovery while it was trying to close the Tear. The ISS Discovery started to become heavily damaged so the USS Discovery attempted to take some pressure off the ISS Discovery however it began to get seriously damaged as well. So to save the USS Discovery so that it could close the Tear, Martha Mcbeath rammed the ISS Discovery into the lead Jeloran ship, which destroyed the Jeloran ship and the ISS Discovery.