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Utopia Planitia

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ISS Arella-D

The ISS Arella (NCC-1062-D) was the fifth Terran Imperial Warship to hold the name of Arella. This ship was originally a Terran Imperial ship until its capture by members of the Maquis. Colonel Radiz Guysin, a former captain of the Terran Empire, was placed in command of the Arella by the Maquis leading council. Radiz was ordered to take the Arella to a base in the Gamma Quadrant, where the Maquis were in negotiations with the Dominion Alliance to build bases and establish colonies within the Gamma Quadrant.


To combat the increasing threat posed by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance the Terran Empire needed a new ship class. It was decided that an already existing starship at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards would be used. A Galaxy-class warship began construction, and engineers were told to modify the existing super structure. The engineers came up with the Dreadnought Refit Project (D.R.P). The ships acceleration was increased by a factor of ten with the addition of a third nacelle and weapon systems were upgraded with additional phaser banks and Photon torpedo launchers. Thoroughly impressed with starship, the Imperial Navy ordered another nine Galaxy-class Dreadnoughts to be built, and for more starship classes to undergo (D.R.P).

Crew Manifest

Imperial Crew

  • Commanding Officer - Captain Emma Smith
  • First Officer - Commander Lara Jones
  • Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander David Williams
  • Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant James Sulu
  • Chief Engineer Officer - Lieutenant Commander Lita Dumas
  • Operations Officer - Lieutenant Sam Kim
  • Chief Security Officer - Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Beltran
  • Flight Control Officer - Ensign Jennifer Hughes

Maquis Crew

  • Commanding Officer - Colonel Radiz Guysin (Former Human Imperial Officer)
  • First Officer - Lt. Col. Neras (Freed Orion Slave Girl)
  • Second Officer - Major T'Pau II (Vulcan)
  • Chief Medical Officer -2nd Lt. Lore(Soong-type android)
  • Chief Engineer Officer - Master Chief Lita Dumas (Human Traitor to the Empire)
  • Operations Officer - 1st Lt. Ro Laren (Former Bajoran Intendant of Empok Nor)
  • Chief Security Officer - Capt. Ezri Tigan (Joined Trill)
  • Flight Control Officer - Private Jennifer Hughes (Human Traitor to the Empire)