Alternate timeline
(covers information from New Insurrection universe)

IRW Kalryhha


RIS 626764




Romulan Star Empire


missing (Federation declares that it was destroyed)


The IRW Kalryhha was a prototype Romulan warbird vessel of the Mogai-class.


The Mogai-class was made by the Romulans using Reman slave labor. The prototype, which was too powerful than the original concept, was kept on Remus to be discarded at the earliest convenience, while a Scimitar-class Warbird the Scimitar, was to be made.

The Nox ClanEdit

L'tonius Nox, a member of the Romulan Senate, was also part of their military actions against the Federation and the Klingon Empire during the later half of the 23rd century. The new prototype was essential in several raids against the Klingons, including the incident over Q'kharr.


The Klingons allied with the Gorn in order to end the constant attacks of the Kalryhha in Klingon space. They planned to attack the ship as it was coming out of warp near Q'kharr, a planet similar to Pangea in Klingon Imperial space. However, the long-range sensors of the Kalryhha uncovered the plot before it was laid into action. When the trap was set up, it was too late. The Kalryhha came out of warp on the planet's far side, protected from scanners by its many moons. Using this, in addition to its cloaking field, it obliterated all of the ships.

Missing In ActionEdit

A leak of misinformation led the Kalryhha to a Federation outpost, during which it was attacked and seized by the USS Enterprise-B. What the Federation did with it is unknown...

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