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IKS mupwI'
B'Rotlh Bird-of-Prey






House fleet, House of Chel'toK, Klingon Defense Force


Active (2409)



Qo'noS War Yards

Laid Down:








Disruptor cannons, quantum torpedoes


Deflector shields

For mirror universe starship, see AKS mupwl'.

The IKS mupwI' was a B'Rotlh-class Bird-of-Prey that served in the Klingon Defense Force in the 25th century. She was part of the house fleet of the House of Chel'toK and was briefly commanded by the Lethean mercenary Brokosh.


The mupwI's name meant "hammer" in the Klingonese dialect of tlhIngan Hol.

She was ordered by the House of Chel'toK from the first production run of the B'Rotlh-class in 2399 and launched the next year under the command of Kidu, son of R'Mor, the grandson of head of house Chel'toK.


The mupwI' was damaged in a skirmish with Starfleet in the Ajilon system in January 2409, and Captain Kidu was severely injured by an exploding bridge console. While he recuperated from severe plasma burns and lung damage the Bird-of-Prey was temporarily reassigned to the command of Brokosh, a Lethean combat engineer who had married into the house. He accepted the command with the expectation that it would be temporary.

In the ensuing chaotic two months the Third Federation-Klingon War reached its height as Starfleet launched a series of lightning raids on Klingon Defense Force positions, with the mupwI' skirmishing inconclusively in mid-February with the USS George Hammond under Commander Kanril Eleya.

Raid on Utopia Planitia

In late February the mupwI' disabled the Typhoon-class battleship USS DeWitt in the Alhena system. Brokosh led his crew in a boarding action and captured Starfleet's entry codes for the Sol system. With the approval of Chancellor J'mpok, he led a fleet of two dozen Birds-of-Prey on an unprecedented deep-strike far behind enemy lines, the first direct assault on Sol since the Dominion War. Ignoring the heavy defenses of Earth, they made a beeline for the mostly unprotected Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in Mars orbit.

In the ensuing surprise attack the Birds-of-Prey did an incredible amount of damage, destroying or severely damaging dozens of docked ships, along with over fifty Peregrine-class fighters and several vessels from Home Fleet that scrambled to intercept them, and did significant damage to the shipyard itself. But as the battle wore on and more and more enemy reinforcements began to arrive from Earth and elsewhere in the system, Brokosh ordered the seven Birds-of-Prey still under power to warp back out. (Red Fire, Red Planet)

Later service

When Kidu was judged fit for duty in April, Brokosh handed the mupwI' back to him and took command of the K'tanco-class battle cruiser IKS thlab. The mupwI' was rotated home for rear-guard duty in Qo'noS orbit, and was present when the Fek'Ihri appeared later that year.