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The IKS R'AguhM was a Klingon Vor'cha-class battle cruiser that serviced the descendants of Azetbur in their blood-oath against the Nox clan of Romulus.

Original Use

Not much is known about how it came to be, since the Federation and the Klingon Empire were not on peaceful terms during the time of its construction. Chancellor Azetbur's brother-in-law T'Krang, a veteran of many Klingon-Federation wars, believed, like she did to some extent, that the Federation was too intolerant of Klingon society as a whole to allow them into their Starfleet. Therefore she commissioned him to have a small fleet of these vessels prepared.

The first of its kind, the grandest, would be the flagship of the Klingon Chancellor. That ship was... the R'AguhM.

K'hallA vs. Nox

When Azetbur was slain by L'nihilus Nox, K'hallA and her brothers swore vengeance upon the Romulan. Taking the R'AguhM as their own, they took it out into battle against Nox's ship, the Kalryhha. During many incidents, the two came very near to destroying each other, but mutual destruction was never assured.

The R'AguhM was not present at the Battle of Q'kharr, which may have been reason for the terrible loss of that battle. It had been taken on a mission for the Empire.

As time wore on, K'hallA took sole command of the R'AguhM, leaving her brothers to take command of their own warships, all ready and eager to call to her command should she find Nox.