Alternate timeline
(covers information from Imperial Commonwealth of Planets)
ICP Classified War




Decisive Alliance Victory, Signing of Treaty of Sagittarius A*


Galactic Alliance:
Imperial Commonwealth of Planets
Klingon Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Cardassian Union
Borg Collective



Imperial Commonwealth of Planets:
Ricarius Solivade
Jean-Luc Picard
Kathryn Janeway
Benjamin Sisko

Klingon Empire:
Chancellor Martok

Romulan Star Empire:
Proconsul Sela

Cardassian Union:
Elim Garak

Weyoun 9

Borg Collective:
Borg Queen





Casualties and Losses

Severe, Thousands of ships lost

Unknown, Moderate

Severe, Death toll in the trillions, several planets and bases destroyed

Unknown, Moderate



Security Clearance Adequate: Access Authorized

The following contains restricted information involving the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire.

The ICP-[DATA RESTRICTED] War was a one-year inter-universal conflict fought between the Galactic Alliance, an agreement between the six major powers of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire, an intergalactic empire ruled by a race known as [DATA RESTRICTED], originating from another universe. This conflict was fought from 2385 to 2386, and it was without a doubt the most catastrophic and bloody war in galactic history. Several planets were destroyed and over half of the Milky Way's military power was left in ruins, leaving an unspeakably high death toll for the galaxy. Ricarius Solivade led the charge against the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire after they began their invasion, uniting all powers to rise up against them as one force and take the fight to their universe.


After the ICP had destroyed a rogue Borg Cube, Captains Picard, Janeway, and Sisko were in a debriefing, discussing a strange recovery from a salvage operation of the Cube's remains. They found an odd species of alien, one never seen before, and the Borg vessel had logs implying that it was a very dangerous race, so much so that the Borg preferred destruction to assimilation. An autopsy was conducted, and later when the three captains convened for a conference, Q appeared and began mocking the Empire's latest victory over the rogue Borg ship. He claimed that humanity was forgetting its place in the galactic order, and he threatened to re-teach them this lesson. The three captains challenged his threat, and Q teleported them and the rest of the fleet to the Galactic Core.

The three captains were met with the sight of the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy, and Q used it to open up a portal to another universe. Out of the black hole poured numerous ships, all colored bright red and possessing numerous curved points on the sides. Peaceful contact was attempted, but the ships struck at the fleet, easily cutting through the shields and hull of several starships before Q teleported the remainder of the fleet to Earth. Q departed after saying these final words to the captains: "You thought you could handle it... so handle it."

Total War

The invaders, their identity then unknown, cut a path of destruction across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as they worked their way to Earth. They also sent fleets to attack Qo'nos and Romulus after learning of the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Emperor Ricarius believed that the only way to have a chance at victory was to unite the Milky Way to fight this new threat together. Meanwhile, a group of defectors from the invading forces arrived on Deep Space 9, unarmed and willing to assist the Empire. Emperor Ricarius personally met with them and discussed how to effectively fight against the invaders, now identified as the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire. At Earth, a final stand was made and the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire were pushed back, thanks to the information provided by the defectors.

After the decisive victory at Earth, the other galactic powers became interested in Ricarius's proposal of alliance. A conference was held aboard the Emperor's royal flagship between representatives and leaders from the Klingons, the Romulans, the Cardassians, the Dominion, and the Borg. An agreement was made and the Galactic Alliance was founded. A joint Alliance fleet was formed almost immediately afterwards to push back the [DATA RESTRICTED]. The invasion fleet was repulsed all the way back to the super-massive black hole and a defense perimeter was established around the Galactic Core. Iconian technology recovered by the Dominion was implemented to be able to cross galaxies, thanks to additional transwarp technology provided by the Borg.

The Alliance joint strike fleet was sent through a large gateway in orbit of Iconia, and they arrived in the universe inhabited by the [DATA RESTRICTED]. The Alliance plotted a course towards their home planet, [DATA EXPUNGED], on the other side of the galaxy. Eventually they arrived in orbit of [DATA EXPUNGED] and encountered a large fleet commanded by the [DATA RESTRICTED] flagship, the Battleship [DATA EXPUNGED]. Ricarius and the defectors transported over to the ship and engaged in melee combat with the [DATA EXPUNGED] while the Alliance fleet engaged the [DATA RESTRICTED] fleet. The [DATA EXPUNGED] was subdued and the flagship was disabled, leaving the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire to be forced to surrender and sign a treaty.


The Galactic Alliance signed the Treaty of Sagittarius A* with all six Milky Way powers being represented at the peace conference, along with the [DATA EXPUNGED] who represented the [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire. After the war, the Galactic Alliance remained intact so it could coordinate its resources toward a reconstruction project. The [DATA RESTRICTED] Empire also provided funds and supplies to assist in the reconstruction, as per the Treaty of Sagittarius A*. The project concluded itself after five years, and with it the Galactic Alliance was disbanded, the galactic powers going back to their separate ways. The long-term effects of the war, however, would be felt for more than a century in the Milky Way.