Planet of Origin:



United Federation of Planets (founding member, 2161)

Environmental Needs:

Class M conditions

Life Span:

120 years (average)
150 years (maximum)

For mirror universe counterpart, see Terran.

The Human (aka Homo Sapien or sometimes Terran) race originates from the class-M world of Earth, part of the Sol system, in what the Federation refers to as Sector 001.


Humans are a bipedal, primate species, with an average lifespan of 120 years (2410s). There are two genders - male and female. The average height of a human male is 193cm (6'3"), compared to 181cm (5'9") for a female.

Humans are the most culturally and ethnically diverse race in the Galaxy.


The different ‘races’ of Humans are thought to have come about when Homo Sapiens interbred with the last surviving members of the other humanoid species on Earth including:

The nine different Human races that evolved from this are:


There is no exact date pertaining to when Earth was created, but the current estimate is 4.5 billion years ago. The human race has evolved over the years.

In 2063, humans became warp-capable for the first time, with Zefram Cochrane the pioneer of that project. Vulcans were the first species to make contact with Humanity. Since then, the human race has explored the galaxy, seeking out new civilizations, and becoming part of an interspecies alliance known as the United Federation of Planets.

Omega universe

In the Omega universe, the humans are a humanoid species native to the planet Earth.

They reformed the United Earth into the Earth Republic following the Earth-Klingon War to help assist in colonial security. Humans also have an open policy to many species, having many species living in their territory.

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