Hoshi Sato
Hoshi Sato, 2161








July 9, 2129




United Earth, Starfleet



Enterprise NX-01


Ensign; Lieutenant Commander (later in career)


Marital Status:



Takashi Kimura

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Hoshi Sato was a noted Human linguist stationed aboard the United Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 during its historic mission of exploration. Beginning service as the ship's communications officer in 2151, Sato would eventually be responsible for the creation of the lingual-code universal linguistics matrix in the decade following which was pivotal in the creation of the Universal Translator.


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Sato was born in Kyoto, Japan on July 9, 2129.

United Earth Career

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Record

Aboard the USS Defiant within the mirror universe, the psychological and career record of Officer Sato was found according to the record it states:

Starfleet Biography, circa 2268

Serial Number: SA-037-0198-CL
Rank at retirement: Lieutenant Commander
Former Assignment: Communications and Protocol officer, Enterprise NX-01
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan, Earth
  • Hoshi Sato served as translator, and protocol and communications officer on Starfleet's first warp five starship, Enterprise NX-01. Born in Kyoto, Japan on July 9th, 2129, she was the second child in a family of three. After leaving Starfleet in her late thirties, Sato created the lingual-code translation matrix, which is still in use aboard Federation starships today.
  • Hoshi was a spirited, intelligent woman with an extraordinary gift for alien languages who also served as translator aboard the Enterprise NX-01 -- a vital role when making first contact. A "white-knuckle" space fairer, Hoshi reluctantly gave up her teaching job after being convinced by Captain Jonathan Archer to join Starfleet.
  • Whereas other crew members were often eager for alien contact and to explore strange new worlds, Hoshi gradually became accustomed to the challenges, unusual experiences and potential dangers of space exploration. Still, her courage and confidence have grown over the first two years of Enterprise's voyage, and she's ready for the new challenges presented by the crew's dangerous mission to the Delphic Expanse.
  • Beginning with their very first mission, Hoshi discovered that being a linguist involves quick thinking on one's part in situations where the safety of the crew is at stake. When the Klingon warrior Klang regained consciousness en route to the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS, it was her job to not only glean any information that might help the mission, but to calm him down and let him know that he was not among enemies. Later, once Klang was rescued from the Suliban and returned to Qo'noS, Hoshi was able to facilitate enough communication between the Klingons and Archer to complete the mission without incident.
  • Tragically, Hoshi and her family were among the four thousand people who died on Tarsus IV in 2246 when a food shortage caused by an exotic fungus threatened the colony's population. Governor Kodos ordered the deaths of Sato and the others in order to save the rest of the colony. She was buried in Kyoto with her husband, Takashi Kimura.

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