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Command Medical Holographic Program








Electric Blue


Photonic Artificial Being (Hologram)


Jupiter Central Station (Titan)


November 2, 2365


Imperial Federation of United Worlds



Chief Combat Medical Nurse (current)
Medical Commander (2383)


NXT Voyager 74656-1202


Command Medical Hologram



Ian Andrew Troi


Lwaxana Troi

Basic Duty Uniform
Medical by MissKorya
This is a IFUW Medical Officer.
For additional meanings of "Deanna Troi", please see Deanna Troi (disambiguation).

The Command Medical Holographic Program (AV-12 Diagnostic and Surgical Subroutine Omega 1223) system or simply AV-12 for short is the Command Medical Hologram for Imperial Federation Warship NXT Voyager 74656-1202 (See Star Trek: Warship Voyager) Called Deanna Troi by the Voyager crew.

One of the 1st Imperial Federation Medical Holo-Units ever, Deanna was considered the elite in Imperial Starfleet medical technology.

System BasicsEdit

  • Created: November 2, 2365
  • Place Of Creation: Imperial Federation Sciences and Research Laboratories, Jupiter Central Station.

Design CrewEdit

  • Chief Imperial Co-Creators/Designers: Lwaxana and Ian Andrew Troi
  • Chief Imperial Supervisor (Medical Technology and Collective Research): Imperial High Officer Rachel Leslie
  • 2nd Imperial Supervisor (Holographic Matrix Construction): Dr. Sara Daystrom

System HistoryEdit

Commissioned by the Imperial Federation of United Worlds to create a new type of Command Medical Hologram to be later integrated into several new long range missions (Such as the current Voyager Delta Quadrant Mission). Lwaxana and Ian Andrew Troi began design of Holo-Med AV-12 on January 5, 2363. Lwaxana herself was childless and began to design Deanna as the daughter she never had (she also treated her as if she were her actual biological daughter.).

Imperial Starfleet CareerEdit

Delta Quadrant Mission (2371)Edit

Post Delta Quadrant MissionEdit

In 2383 after Kes-Tieran's Promotion to Commanding Officer of N.X.T. Voyager Deanna was Promoted to Chief Combat Medical Officer on November 14. For several years previously Deanna served for 2 years in Imperial Medical Sciences Academy alongside former High Officer Rachel Leslie as a Chief Exo-Medical Instructor.

System Main FunctionEdit

To serve as Voyager's secondary medical officer and chief nurse and in cases of extreme emergency to assume command as chief medical officer if head doctor cannot perform her duties. The command medical holograms most basic function is to simply perform any and all medical and surgical procedures as quickly and efficiently as possible and to adapt new medical procedures and alien biological systems as when necessary. The Command Medical Hologram has been pre-programmed with Imperial Starfleet's entire medical database as well as the entire databases of several alien species throughout both the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants.

System Advanced FunctionsEdit

Ability to learn and adapt any and all new medical techniques that may exist within the Delta Quadrant and attach to all emergency situations and to develop and create new medical procedures.

Extra-Sensory Empathy SystemEdit

Holo-Med AV-12 has been equipped with an revolutionary sensory system based on Betazoid Empathic Abilities. The System mainly consists of a body wide interconnected photonic based Nervous System Interlink System. Each of her own "Nerve Endings" link to whatever patients Nervous System that she happens to be treating and can accurately assess all bodily functions such as Internal temperature, respiration, heart and Bio-Electrical pulse rate.

Can also sense the pain and mental stress levels in order to configure any medical treatments as fast and efficiently as possible. The system can also be used as an emergency defensive system by utilizing her memory of pain data from past patients and creating a forced interlink feedback pulse. The pulse creates an paralyzing wave of agonizing pain that does not kill its intended target but only incapacitates any hostile intruder that may threaten the System or Crew.

Duty UniformEdit

The Command Medical Hologram typically wears/Appears in A basic Type 1 female Imperial Starfleet medical uniform, However by 2384 Deanna changes her outer appearance subroutine into a Command Medical Duty Uniform complementing her new position.

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