The Ships Holographic Recreation Deck or Level or holodeck as it is more commonly known for short is the central area of rest, recreation, and training where crewmembers can recreate different environments, such as planets, cities, starships etc, or participate in a holonovel.

Section Overview & Mechanics Edit

A typical ships Holodeck consists of a large open space room lined with a grid of omni-directional holographic energy emitters/buffers which by utilizing Transporter energy/matter conversion mechanics can make energy based images contain actual (or as close to it) substance and solidity no differently then its real world counterpart.

Hologrid enforced walls can generate holographic images that appear to extend for an unlimited distance, seemingly much larger than its own dimensions. In doing so, however, the holodeck is aware only of its users; it does not recognize its own created objects. For example, if a person were to throw a holographic rock at the holodeck's "walls" (ie, such as towards the Holodeck Arc) the rock would not be allowed to pass beyond the wall. It does this by continuously adjusting the projections of the force fields by calculating the range of forced perspective and the use of a force field "treadmill" which pushes the Decks occupant toward the calculated perspective. With this, an individual approaching a wall causes an instant shift away.

The holodeck can also manipulate and change gravity independently from the rest of the ship in three dimensions, so its occupants don't notice the change. This ability is most utilized in Orbital Spacejump simulations.

Tactical Training HolodeckEdit

On an Independence-class battleship, the Tactical Training Holodeck is a specialised holodeck used to train all of the security personnel. It is located on the majority of Deck 7, in between the quarters of the security personnel.

Holodeck active bydabeyls

Sickbay/Laboratory Holodecks Edit

On a Nova Class Starship that has been refit as a medical research vessel like USS Twilight, two small holodecks, actually holosuites, 6x8 meters, were installed. These facilities are not merely for crew recreation; they are hard-wired to become any sickbay or laboratory required in a moment, as a back-up to the facilities already on board her. While this is extremely energy inefficient, it does occasionally prove necessary, especially when the ship has taken on 200 casualties in desperate need of medical attention. On a medically refit ship, medical personnel with actual need have priority access to the holodecks, followed by engineering, and security personnel. However, it frequently is used by the ship's crew for relaxation while they are off-duty. Popular on USS Twilight is a fantasy Medieval inn and tavern called the Scarlet Unicorn, that features a huge fireplace that dominates one wall, and whose patrons include wizards, knights, elves, dwarves, and halflings. This inn frequently opens through a side-door or a trap door into a dungeon, fully stocked with monsters. Captain Harker and Chief Engineer Drake frequently pull crewmembers into an adventure with them while off-duty.

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