Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

Holographic Matter (also commonly known as Holodeck matter or Holo-Matter for short) is the base energetic material that all holographic generated images and sentient beings within several known realities are both formed and consist of. Without this base form of matter all known forms of holograms either would or could not exist.

Also technically known as interphasic or Inter-Flux Matter Holo-Matter is centrally comprised of these quantum "phased" or fluxed energy particles which without the ability to generate and near infinitely reform holo images into hundreds if not thousands of varying objects and forms.

Energy Properties Edit

Holo-matter primarily consists of 2 base energy particles. Ultra Mesons and hyper accelerated interspacial Proto-Matter. These 2 basic particles act as a kind of "Artifical DNA" for holographic forms (Sentient or otherwise). The Interfluxed base plasma.

Prime Universe version Edit

While a variation of Holo-matter (known as Holodeck matter) exists within the Prime Universe in reality this is only the technical term for solidified Photonic energy captured ahd housed in intricately shaped Force Fields which create the illusion of solid realistic matter compared to Warship VOY based Holo-Matter which generates far more quantifiable if realistic solid matter.

However the term is still used if this pertains to either accidentally or intentionally sentient holographic beings

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