Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Hiroshi Sato
Heroshi Sato (Jade Phoenix) 001






Mars (Human Imperial Capitol)


Febuary 11, 2343


Human Celestial Empire (Imperial Leader) Imperial Federation of United Worlds



Kyoto Imperial Palace


Crown Empress of Mars

For additional meanings of "Hoshi Sato", please see Hoshi Sato (disambiguation).

Hiroshi Sato is the 17th Crown Serene Celestial Empress of the Human Celestial Empire and central leader of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds and 17th genetically descended monarch from the Imperial House of Sato. Hiroshi has been the driving force of Human/Alien relations from the mid 24th to late 26th century. During her early reign Hiroshi was beloved by her people and was given the public title of the "Jade Phoenix".



Hiroshi Jade Sato was born on February 11 2343 within the medical wing of Kyoto Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan to her mother Imperial Mother Hoshi Sato VII and (to be added later). After her birth Hiroshi was sent with her parents to live in the central palace in Utopia City, Mars' Imperial Capitol.


Hiroshi grew up within the Imperial capitol for the majority of her childhood. However due to the extensive holo-security that she had she was allowed a kind of limited freedom to do somethings by herself such as limited space travel at the age of seven aboard a Celestial-class carrier the Phoenix. Hiroshi was privately taught and educated for the majority of her life until the age of 18 she prepared for her attendance of Mars Imperial University the planets central higher education institution.

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