NX-2027 Admonitor


154 meters





125; (500 emergency capacity)


deflector screen, Starfleet-class shields, S'srelli adaptive armor


The Hikaru-class starship was a prototype-only class, with only one ship of that configuration: the USS Admonitor.

Place in StarfleetEdit

The Hikaru-class was a prototype of an experimental starship using stolen S'srelli technology. The Hikaru-class had superior weapon, defense and navigational system. Due to the alien technology used in its construction, it could achieve warp 10.2 easily. Navigation was easier as well, allowing one centralized control unit to operate the entire ship from one area: the Manual Override Control on the bridge.

Its sheer speed meant that it could travel the galaxy unhindered by the vastness of the quadrants. It was originally intended to be at the forefront of an exploration of the Gamma Quadrant.

New TechnologyEdit

S'srelli WeaponryEdit

The Hikaru-class prototype had S'srelli weaponry onboard in addition to its Starfleet-issue weapons. These weapons, like all S'srelli technology, required only little power drain from the main power supply, and yet were more powerful than anything the Federation had during the 24th century.

Warp PoolingEdit

An experimental concept used with the Hikaru-class was "warp pooling". This allowed the warp core of the ship to be hooked up to the warp core of another ship, effectively "pooling" their warp field. The output from both warp cores allowed that the ship could achieve speeds even faster than warp 10.2, making intergalactic travel a matter of days.

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