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(covers information from Warship Voyager)

The High Combat Escape Pod System which is also known as a High Com Life Pod or a Assault Evacuation (or Evac) Pod is a Emergency Omega System that is both standard and mandatory on all Imperial Warships. However many Klingon Warships lack this important feature.

Primary Systems OperationsEdit

The most primary use of a High Combat Escape Pod is to be used as a primary way of evacuating a heavily damaged Warship during any High Combat or high priority danger situation (such as evacuating if a ship happens to fall into a nearby sun). The second use for the system is to be used as a emergency back-up in case there is an external threat that not all of a ships Fighter Shuttles can handle.

Primary System SpecificationsEdit

Hull Structure/Metal Composition: the most basic class of pod consists of a Ablative/lightweight Neutronium laced hull. The hull reinforces the pod's structure against nearly any form of heavy attack such as:

  • Mega-Phasers
  • Photonic Cannon blasts (near point blank)
  • Quantum torpedos
  • Length: 12 ft. high
  • Width: 10 meters around
  • Propulsion Systems: 1 emergency Warp-9 capable coil, High Impact Flight maneuvering Fighter thrusters
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 8 to 20 (in cases of extreme emergency)
  • Maximum Passenger Life Support Supply: With a complement of 8 up to 10 to 20 years, however, with a complement of 20 only 4 to 5 years
  • Average Warship Complement: Between 26 to 100 pods (depending on mission situation)

Weapons and Defense SystemsEdit

Weapons Systems (Basic)Edit

  • 8 Pulse Phaser Arrays (1 on each side of pods octagonal hull)
  • 4 Photonic Torpedo mini generators (Multiple Targeting and tracking)
  • 1 forward Heavy Phaser emitter
  • 1 Tactical (back-up) Holo-Fighter Emitter

Weapons Systems (Special)Edit

  • Specially designed secondary layer Explosive hull which can easily jettisoned from the pod and utilized as a secondary emergency diversionary escape tactic.
  • 1 emergency Photonic Blast Emitter
  • Launchable/Detachable Remote Controlled Drones (8) that act as emergency mini fighter defense system

Defense Systems (Basic)Edit

  • Medium Yield Particle Energy Shield
  • Ultra Nova Burst Emergency Flares

Defense Systems (Special)Edit

Escape Pod ClassesEdit

  • Class-1(Basic Defense and mass evac pod)
  • Class-4(Special Defense pod)
  • Class-25 (Special Light Fighter Class Pod used on Warship Voyager)

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