The Heavy Particle Shield system is a type of force field that surrounds either an warship, space station or planet in order to protect against any hostile enemy attack or extreme natural hazard.

System MechanicsEdit

Particle Shields operate by creating an Heavy layer of energetic distortion consisting of an superheated high concentration of Photons and Electrons bound tightly together by another layer of Heavy Anti-Gravitons around the object (Ship, City, etc..) to be protected. Shield energies are emitted from a "Grid" or network of Field Emitters laid out on a objects surface (such as a Ships hull).

Systems Class TypesEdit

Particle Shields are essential equipment for all Imperial Warships for use in any and all situations.

  • Heavy Defense Shields: Used for Defense in heavy combat situations against any Heavy Energy fire.
  • Heavy Collision Shields: Used in instances when ever a ship is in danger of colliding with any incoming large object.
  • Special Environmental Shields: Used in high or extreme danger situations in which these shields are needed (such as flying into the coronasphere of a sun.).

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