A Heavy Battleship is a large, heavily armored warship with very powerful weapon systems. Heavy Battleships are larger, better armed, and better armored than Battleships, cruisers and destroyers.

Offensive SystemsEdit

A Heavy Battleship boasts of an arsenal of 16 Type-XIV phaser arrays, 16 Type-XIV Pulse Phaser Cannons, 16 rapid fire torpedo launchers (5-tube), 8 rapid fire torpedo turrets (3-tube) and 10 micro-torpedo phalanx arrays (5 star, 5 port).

It has an full armament payload of of 750 Q-II Quantum torpedoes, 250 Transphasic torpedoes, 1,500 Mark IV Photon torpedoes, and 1,800 Quantum Micro-Torpedoes.

Defensive SystemsEdit

It also boasts of redundant regenerative and Multiphasic Shielding and regenerative ablative armor technology.

Vanguard CommandEdit

The Yamato and Invincible-class starships are the only classes in Starfleet that are classified as a Heavy Battleship. Only four of which have been built.

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