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A Hathon hammer, with a slice of lemon as a garnish.

A Hathon hammer is a cocktail invented by an unnamed bartender in the Bajoran city of Hathon. It is described as tasty but extremely strong: to quote Captain Kanril Eleya, "like its name says, it hits like a hammer".

The Hathon hammer is composed of one measure of bloodwine, two shots of kava juice, and one shot of kanar. The ingredients are mixed by shaking them in a drink shaker. The resulting drink is served in a martini glass.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Hathon hammer was inspired by the following exchange in a Star Trek Online forum thread titled "The Person Below Me".

mjarbar: Will learn that 3 bottles of blood wine and a 20 year old single malt may not be a good combination!!!
starswordc: Not by itself, no, but throw in a couple squeezes of kava juice and a shot of Cardassian kanar and you've got a kickin' cocktail.
Woke up on the floor afterwards feeling like somebody parked the Enterprise on his head.

StarSword-C later adapted the exchange into the Hathon hammer seen in Bait and Switch.

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