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HYDRA Bio-Queen
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Ultra Female (Reproductive Class)


Trans-Organic Macro-Bacterial Lifeform (HYDRA)


Flexs Spacial InterSpacial transport Station, Delax Celestial Cluster


December 15, 2547


None (Mercenary Class Ship System)



Secondary Bio-Mechanical Defensive Weapons System




Secondary Internal Weapons Core


HYDRA Bio-Queen 127486-001 is the Prototype Trans-Organic Bio-Mechanical internal Defense Weapons Core solely created for Mercenary Ultra-Ship Vesper.

System SpecificationsEdit

The HYDRA is primarily a Hyper Evolved Human genetic template based Trans (Or beyond basic forms of organic material) Organic Macro-Bacterial lifeform (Similar to Bacterions within the Delta Quadrant).

System BasicsEdit

  • Date of Creation: December 15, 2547
  • Place of Creation: VekXul Industries Bio-Weapons Research labs Delax Cluster, Galactic Local Group

System ControlEdit

All Hydra related and direct systems are centrally programmed and controlled by a basic team of 5 Bio-Chemical Engineers. Each of these engineers have the ability to Genetically "Reprogram" the Bio-Queen accordingly in order to adapt the Bio-Mechanical unit to all combat situations. They perform this task by manipulating the various amino acids and other complex Genetic bio-chemicals and structures in order to enhance and add additional defensive systems to the systems defensive capability. And also can remove these abilities when no longer needed at the present time.

System Genetic StructureEdit

The Hydra Bio-Queen's Bio-Mechanical Genetic Structure consists of a Quintuple Helix of 5 Tightly bound Genetic strands which are all centrally bound/controlled a ultra adaptive Anti-Cancer Growth Hormone chemical chain. This chain super adapts and restructures all cellular material in to new physical and bio-energy forms. This chemical chain is the central catalyst for all HYDRA defensive systems.

Main Defensive/Offensive CapabilitiesEdit

Bio-Genetic Defensive CapabilityEdit

Bio-Queen 127486-001 has the main defensive ability to absorb and internally adapt any and all genetic material of any hostile forces to the units advantage. The unit also can inject its own Genetic material into any intruder. Once the hostile is "Infected" just as Borg nano-probes the HYDRA Bio-Cells latch onto and absorb many of the Intruders own cellular tissues and re-adapt the Hostile into a manipulative drone the is completely controlled by the Bio-Queen.

Internal Energy Weapon CapabilitiesEdit

The Bio-Unit has many various weapons systems in addition to its own personal Genetic abilities. Some of these are.

  • Chi-based Gravitonic Pressure-Wave Cannon (5-10m)
  • Reiatsu-based Hi-Frequency Energy Sword (0-5m)
  • Chakra-based Electromagnetic Deformation Sphere (10-15m)
  • Feryoku-based Remote Holographic Entity(for distraction/combat)

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