The Federation believes that its government is the only one needful for the entire galaxy, if not the Universe.

Federation Government

The government of the Federation seems to have reached total communism. The state is controlled by a strong, centralized government (the President of the Federation) with control of all the means of production. This allows the Federation to distribute equal shares of everything to most everyone, creating the illusion that poverty no longer exists. To prevent the president from taking too much power, however, the Federation Council is used. The Council acts as the "voice of the people": they speak out on behalf of their own people (or race) and present their concerns/ideas/appeals to the President.

Heads of governance in the Federation (i.e. the President of the Federation) have not actually had control over it's own government and are in fact puppets made by the society as a whole that needs the governance and does not wish to admit that they need it. Repression of any sorts is done by the public and the government has no control otherwise but to enact the repression. The total communism seems to appear to be just a front to keep away foreign nations from joining the total democratic puppet state. There have been many tries at changing the culture by inflicting wars or crying martyr, but all appear futile. Nonetheless, self-prescribed 'apologists' claim to have an upper hand and better knowledge of and over the government but are just another functioning tool to the people. Besides all the anarchy, the well-being of people within the nations run by this government have flourished and continue to flourish.

Federation 'apologists' have stated, especially when dealing with "simple-minded, 20th-21st century mentalities," that the government and economy of the Federation is "complex" or "complicated" in order to avoid stating outright that they have established communism.

Views of Other Governments

Any government that does not share fundamental ideals of the Federation is considered to be hostile and/or inferior. Free enterprise and capitalism are discouraged (in conjunction with the distribution of the goods to the people equally, the humans, brain-washed out of their natural instincts of greed and selfishness, believe what the Federation tells them: namely that capitalism is bad because it is based on greed). Due to its violent nature, the Klingon Empire was barred from joining the Federation until after Worf became ambassador and began preaching reform.