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Logo of the Gorn Hegemony

The Gorn Hegemony is the official government of the Gorn species.


The Hegemony, before the organization itself was ever created, originally consisted of three worlds which held three separate, yet similar, reptilian species. The names of these planets were Gdhar I, Gdhar II, and Gdhar III, within the Gdhar System, located somewhere within the Beta Quadrant. At some point in the 2110s, all three sub-species, either due to either some sort of conflict or shared disaster, joined their collective forces and resources to create what was known as the Gorn Confederation. The new Gorn Confederation later migrated en masse to the nearby world of Gornar. It was after several years of living on Gornar, as well as the beginning of vast interbreeding of the three sub-species, that creating the species as it is known today. The Confederation later reformed itself into what is known today as the Gorn Hegemony.

Interaction with the FederationEdit

The Hegemony's first contact situation with the Federation was more than likely at some point in the 2170s.

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