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Heavy Combat Explorer





6,050 (Standard); 450 (With full Holo-Automation)


1 Heavy Particle Shield array, Corbomite Action/Reaction Generator

Battleship mareln

The Galaxy-class is the second in the Elite Class of main defense line ships. The Galaxy is the first in all Imperial Peacekeeping operations.

Class HistoryEdit

Construction HistoryEdit

The Galaxy was first commissioned for construction on May 12, 2354 as a new class of heavy defense cruisers for long range defense and exploration of newly discovered stellar territory within the Beta & Gamma Quadrants.

By 2370, all Galaxy ships were upgraded from a primary to a standardized Interphase Warp Core. Due to these changes its nacelles were also refitted in order to improve both efficiency and preserve structural integrity.

Interior DesignEdit

The Galaxy was the first warship to begin including interior features that improved upon crew comfort as well as Tactical function and efficiency. Also general Holo-Automation was increased in order to accommodate the increase of Civilian and general scientific crew with a lower level of Imperial Starfleet training then the average crewmember.


The ships engineering section is one of the largest areas located on the entire ship due to the large complexity of the Interphasic propulsion this section takes up to 12 entire decks in order to maximize complete efficiency and control over all drive systems however the Central Engineering Core or CEC is located on Deck 36 in the ships StarDrive section. The CEC was also equipped with a section wide grid of Force Field and Heavy Shield emitters which provided protection of the engineering crew in extreme combat situations and allowed for the containment of various leaks and vital systems damage.

Terran Refit ProjectEdit

In 2381, all Galaxy Ships were recalled for refitting with newly advanced Terran Weapons Technology. The new ships were outfitted with:

  • 1 Central Sub-Atomic Disintegration Cannon (Dorsal/Top Mounted)
  • Hull Wide Particle Disruptor Grid (replacing basic Pulse Phasers)
  • Multiple Non-Conductive "Heat" Emitters

Known Commissioned ShipsEdit

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