The Galactic Fleet was the immense fleet left the Milky Way, that was compromised of ships from all different species, corporations and joint governments, such as the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. After the Reaver incident and the eventual takeover of the Galaxy, this Fleet was all that was left of non-Reaver civilization. The Fleet carried hundreds of millions of survivors of the Reaver Plague. The Fleet was set on a course to a new home, through a former Ferengi controlled spacial rift, where the Fleet will cross the vast space, to find a new galaxy, to call home. But many problems will arise. When the fleet reached the Ractorian rift located in the Ractorian nebula, the fleet had to face off against a Reaver armada, losing its flagship, the USS Enterprise-E, and many other starships belonging to the United fleet. the fleet is also being hunted by the Reavers that followed the Fleet through the rift, and has also been boarded by Reaver carriers, with only one purpose, to convert individuals into Reavers. The fleet was originally compromised of 132 ships, but lost 47 during the Battle of the Raxorian rift, and now 85 ships make up the fleet, traveling as a single entity across the vast nothingness that is space, searching for their new home, attempting to evade the Reavers, that seem to be waiting for the Fleet at every turn.

Ships in Galactic FleetEdit

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