Furies are a collection of incredibly powerful, non-humanoid races from another galaxy. These races, of which there are 666 make up a collective known as the Host.


The Furies are well-regarded by many species as one of the the most terrifying races in existence and as one of the greatest threats to the galaxy. Furies appear horrifyingly ugly and as hideous demons or nightmarish creatures, although some Furies resemble mythological creatures from the myths and legends of other races; such as the Human Devil and Medusa, and the Klingon Fek'lhr. Furies are naturally adept at striking fear deep into other races and they use this to their advantage.


The Furies originally ruled the Milky Way Galaxy until they were defeated in a long war that took place in the Alpha Quadrant against the Unclean, an equally powerful, non-humanoid race. After their defeat, the Furies were driven and exiled from their territories in the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant, never to return. The Furies were banished to the Delta Quadrant region of the galaxy where they supposedly remained for millenia, developing a way to travel beyond the immense distances from their exiled home to return and reclaim their former territories.


As a race, Furies have a deep and complex culture, bound by loyalty, duty, pride, honor, and remembrance. Each Fury possesses a small doll made of strange fabrics, which they carry with them at all times. Within each doll, a Fury stores the memories they have accumulated over a lifetime. The Furies regard their dolls as their greatest artifacts and most important treasures, and will always place the safety of their dolls above their own lives. If a Fury ever lost their doll, their memory and all of their accomplishments would be lost and forgotten. It is traditional for a defeated Vergo to destroy their vessel and place the dolls of their crew within an escape pod. Furies do not burn their dead as in some other cultures, but respect them and burn only the living.

The singular leader of the Hosts is known as the Autarch.

Fury VesselsEdit

Fury vessels wield powerful weapons and are constructed with extremely dense outer hulls, making them resilient to most conventional weaponry. In the 24th century, the Furies developed basic shielding for their vessels and the devastating fear weapons.

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