The Conn Officer, or Flight Controller, was responsible for piloting a vessel. The Chief Conn Officer oversaw the team of flight controllers assigned to a starship or station.

Duties & Functions

In the early years of Starfleet, the positions of starship Navigator and Helmsman were held by two different individuals, but by the 2360s Federation starships had become sufficiently automated to allow one highly trained officer to carry out both duties.

In battle, the conn officer carried out all evasive and tactical maneuvering of the ship. The officer was often given weapons-release authority to better coordinate intricate maneuvers with the firing of offensive systems. Conn officers also served as the pilots of shuttlecraft assigned to starships and stations.

Vanguard Command

With the development of such huge starships as the Invincible-class, Starfleet found it more efficient and safer to once more separate the two functions onboard these capital ship types.


Because of the importance of the position and the high level of piloting experience required, conn officers usually held the minimum rank of Lieutenant.

Known Conn Officers

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