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The Fleet Carrier, together with the Command Battleship, are a type of starship that serve as the centerpiece of Starfleet task force formations, circa 2385.


Offensive Systems

A Fleet Carrier boasts of 12 Type-XII phaser arrays, 8 Type-XIV Pulse Phaser Cannons, 10 rapid fire torpedo launchers (5-tube), 10 micro-torpedo phalanx array (5 star, 5 port)

It has an arsenal of 500 Quantum torpedoes, 1,000 Photon torpedoes, and 1,200 Quantum Micro-Torpedoes.

Defensive Systems

It also boasts of redundant regenerative and Multiphasic Shielding and regenerative ablative hull armor technology.

The Suzerain-class of starships is the only class in Starfleet that is classified as a Fleet Carrier. Only six of which have been built.


Although they are equipped with a formidable anti-starfighter weapon system, fleet carriers were usually protected by screening ships and starfighters. The main fighting punch of a Fleet Carrier ship consisted of two or more wings of starfighters. Besides being a base ship for starfighters, Fleet Carriers are also fleet command vessels. Task force commanders and fleet flag officers often use them as their flagships.