A fleet captain is a senior captain typically in command of a larger starship (a heavy explorer, heavy cruiser, carrier or similar vessel) but who is also tasked with the command authority of more than one vessel. Frequently, a fleet captain is in command of a frontline squadron. In general, this rank is seen as a temporary measure used in case of emergency or fleet engagement, as such a rank is essentially equivalent to that of rear admiral, lower half, but does not carry the privileges of admiralty. A fleet captain could also act as the executive officer to an admiral (generally one of one or two star rank) in command of a particularly large task force.

This rank is sometimes called a fleet commander. In Starfleet Intelligence, an officer of this rank is known as a senior captain.

Rank insignia of Starfleet fleet captainsEdit

Service Duty
2260s Yel Flt Capt 2266
2270s 2270s-2350 cmd fcapt
2270s 2270 - FCAPT (White)-1-
2350s 2350s cmd fcapt
2360s Red Flt Capt 2364 Red Flt Capt 2371
2370s Red Flt Capt 2373
2380s Red Flt Capt 2400s

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