A Flag Officer-in-Command, or FOIC, is a commissioned officer who is senior enough to be entitled to fly a flag to represent where he/she exercises command.

Duties & Functions

An FOIC is the Commanding Officer of a major unit or subdivision of Starfleet, which has several single-commands under its jurisdiction. This may be a task force, a starbase, a fleet, or any other command assignment of equal magnitude. As such, an FOIC performs the same duties as a CO but in a much larger scale and over several individual Starfleet commands.

FOIC's that command non-mobile field divisions of Starfleet are sometimes called Sector Commander, which implies command over a sector of interstellar space under Federation control.


The term can only apply to flag officers of Starfleet, specifically those who hold the rank of Commodore / Rear Admiral (lower grade) and above. Since Fleet captains and captains are not of flag rank and are instead senior officers or line officers, they are not designated as flag offficers in command.

Vanguard Command

In Starfleet's Vanguard Command, the following have the position of Flag Officer-in-Command:

Other Flag officers in other alternate universes

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