The First Fleet is the first ever permanently operating fleet in the Federation Starfleet.


Admiral Maximus Hunter first espoused the concept of a permanently operating fleet of the Federation.

Maximus HunterEdit

In 2374, then Vice Admiral Maximus Hunter was given command of the First Fleet. It was composed of 114 ships and had a Sovereign-class starship as its flagship, the USS Ark Royal. Although his fleet was not in the primary theaters of battle during the Dominion War, Hunter and the First Fleet were present in all secondary battles against the Dominion-Cardassian Alliance and had never lost against the enemy. It had been his task to deflect any attempt by the enemy to attack Earth.

Vanguard CommandEdit

As of 2385, the First Fleet was assigned to Sector 001, together with the Second Fleet, and its primary mission is to protect Earth.

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