The First Federation was an intergalactic coalition created during the distant past of the galaxy's history. According to records, it kept the peace the longest, despite internal wars and several uprisings.


The First Federation was made up of those races that were warp-capable who decided, for the sake of peace, to form a coalition that would unite them. Unlike most coalitions, this one had very few standards of what humans would call a government. Instead of a centralized government, every race was allowed to keep its own council in all matters, save for those that affected other races outside their own.


The First Federation lost many lives in the war against the Dominion, and they were unprepared for a second assault. Therefore, they attempted to keep the peace throughout their members as best as they could. But various members of the Federation started to leave the coalition, striking it out on their own.

The violent demise of the First Federation occurred with the invasion of the Kellios Empire, the Kingdom of Qallor and the Dawyuum Republic. These three, violent nations from a distant galaxy invaded the galaxy for the sole purpose of causing chaos. Their mammoth ships, some of them 9 AUs in length, destroyed worlds, made whole races extinct, and destroyed the armed might of the First Federation. When chaos was established, the three super-powers took off into the space from whence they came: but the damage was done. The members of the First Federation were separated, not to be reunited.

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