The Fioran's are an insectoid species from the Alpha Quadrant

History Edit

The Fiorans have been at war with the Tserrans for the past thousand years over unknown reasons. The war between the two began when the Fiorans invaded the Tserran colony of Kitoiba. Soon after the initial battles, the war developed into a stalemate.

due to two factors:

  • The Tserrans had more powerful and advanced technologies over the Fiorans.
  • The Fiorans although weaker technologically had the advantage in numbers as they reproduce very quickly.

The war ended in a technical victory for the Tserrans as the Fiorans surrendered to prevent a possible war with the Federation.

Physiology Edit

Fiorans are an insectoid species, and not much else is known beyond that. What is that they reproduce very rapidly, their blood is purple in color and ice cold. ( The reason for this is not known either.) They are omnivorous but eat mostly meat.

Technology Edit

Fioran ships would be considered sub-par to most races in the galaxy, but due to this fact they are also much easier to produce.

Weaponry Edit

Fioran ship based weapons mostly consist of phasers. As for Fioran small arms, they mostly consist of particle weapons.

Propulsion Edit

The Fiorans use Warp as their standard form of ship propulsion.

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