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The Fighter Group Command Officer, refers to the commander of the fighter group aboard a Federation starship with a full complement of from eight (8) to twenty (20) fighter squadrons, as opposed to the Fighter Wing Command Officer who commands only one wing of four (4) fighter squadrons.


The position traces its origins to 1938 when the first Carrier Air Group of the United States Navy was formed. Those who command air groups are called "Commander, Air Group" or "CAG". Air Groups were later redesignated as Carrier Air Wings, or CVWs in the 1970s, but the head of the air wing is still referred to as the CAG.

Duties & Functions

The Fighter Group Command Officer is the most senior commanding officer of the embarked squadrons and is expected to personally lead all major strike operations to be conducted by the ship's or station's fighter complement, coordinating the attacks of the carrier class's fighters in combat. The Fighter Group Command Officer is a department head position on a ship reporting to the carrier's commanding officer, or on a station reporting to the Base Commander. The Fighter Group Command Officer is assisted by Fighter Wing Command Officers who hold the rank of Commander. The Fighter Group Command Officer is coequal to the Executive officer of the ship or station, with both officers reporting directly to the Commanding Officer or Base Commander , who usually is the embarked Flag Officer-in-Command of the task force being led by the carrier. Half the time, the Fighter Group Command Officer serves as a "warfare commander" usually performing duties from aboard the starship, rather than flying his/her own fighter in space. Despite this reduction in flying time, the Fighter Group Command Officer is typically qualified to fly a fighter in the Carrier's Fighter complement.

Fighter Group Command Officer holds the rank of Captain