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Ferengi Alliance Defense Fleet
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Active (2409)


Ferengi Alliance




Ferengi (primarily)

Central Leaders:

GuiMon-in-Chief Bronk


The Ferengi Alliance Defense Fleet, or FADF, was the military service of the Ferengi Alliance.

Organizationally the FADF was an arm of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, charged with "protecting Ferengi seeking profit at home or abroad from those seeking to take their rightfully earned profits without permission." As such its primary mission goal was commerce protection and defense of the Alliance's borders rather than conquest or scientific research.


The FADF was commanded by the GuiMon-in-Chief, who sat on the Ferengi Commerce Authority's Board of Liquidators. He was advised by the Board of GuiMons, composed of all GuiMons in the FADF.

Each GuiMon in turn had overall control of either an FADF department, such as the Ferengi Naval Academy, or a fleet.



The strong economy of the Ferengi Alliance meant that, despite not being a warring people, they could afford to equip their ships extremely well. Their military vessels were an even match or better for virtually any analogous starship of the Alpha Quadrant's other major powers.


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