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Ezri Dax
Nicole 6




Trill (Joined)/BORG Hybrid




February 10, 2354


Imperial Federation of United Worlds



NXT Enterprise-D


1st Lieutenant

Ezri dax tr116
Command by MissKorya
Security by MissKorya
This is a IFUW Command Officer and BORG Tactical Officer.
For additional meanings of "Ezri Dax", please see Ezri Dax (disambiguation).

Ezri Dax is a Imperial Starfleet Officer who is currently Executive (1st) Officer of Imperial Federation Warship NXT Enterprise-D and is the flight commander (CAG) of Zeta Fighter Shuttle Squadron AAF-0V1.



Ezri Tigan was born on February 10, 2354 to Mother Yanas Tigan (all Trill in the Warship VOY Universe are female and can procreate through parthenogenesis based A-Sexuality (self-reproduction)). Ezri was born the youngest of 3 girls, Norvo the oldest, and Janei. Ezri was born heiress of Tigan Resource Industries a multi-planetary mining and power source producing super-corp. within the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants


Throughout most of her childhood Ezri's closest and dearest friend and confidant was her oldest sister Norvo who along with her mother gave Ezri the nickname of "Zee". From the age of 6 up to the age of 12 Ezri always tagged along and was oddly protective of her second oldest sister Janei a precocious child the duo always seemed to have a knack for getting into trouble. Wanting the best for her children Yanas sent all 3 girls to various high end schools and academies throughout the known galaxy. Traveling from one special place of learning to another that by the time Ezri left to enter Imperial Starfleet she had more knowledge and experience than many 1st year Command Officers. The following is a detailed list of Ezri's complete education.

Complete Pre-Imperial Starfleet Education

Trill Young Ladies Academy

  • Advanced Literature
  • Class-II Trigonometry
  • Philosophy
  • Art
  • Music
  • Poetry

Illiarian War Academy

  • Illiarian Fluid Movement (an artistic form of martial arts)
  • Type-I Heat resistance training (while primarily given only to either Illiarian children or first year Clone Troops Ezri managed to withstand this extreme form of survival training after several months of living within the Solar Fields of Illiari Prime.)
  • Battle Staff Training (3 months)
  • Tactical Blade throwing