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Ethics (or Moralities) are more relative in the Federation Government.


22nd CenturyEdit

In 2150, when the United Earth Government was formed, many political leaders were at a loss on how to get people to peacefully coexist with people of different views on ethics. Not much was done to resolve the problem, except for the addition of a Section 2, too the United Earth's First Amendment, saying that "...all forms religions, ethics, and beliefs must be tolerated in order for there to be peaceful coexistence between all the world's people." The downfall of this doctrine was that it didn't help with peaceful coexistence; in order for this section to be upheld, the government couldn't Constitutionally do anything about charges against people, because according to Section 2, "all types of ethics" were acceptable.

23rd CenturyEdit

The citizens of United Earth had to live with the "Peaceful Coexistence Doctrine" for over 65 years. Not much was publicly done about differing views on ethics, but much was done in secret using brainwashing techniques.

Many other ethics doctrines were put in place for technologies.

Transporter Act of 2246Edit

The Transporter Act of 2226 was put into place after a lieutenant aboard the USS Yorkshire (NCC-330) used the Yorkshire's transporter as a way of changing his appearance to other crew members' appearances and using it as a "Fountain of Youth".

Holodeck Act of 2297 Edit

The Holodeck Act of 2297 was put into place after a holodeck aboard the USS Enterprise-B was used for the replication of lifeforms. The Federation saw this as a threat against humanoid life, "the Holodeck could then be used to create armies."

24th CenturyEdit

Medical Technologies Act of 2359 Edit

The Medical Technologies Act of 2359 allowed the use of medical technologies for the changing of the genetic structure.

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