Elsie Walesa
Commander Elsie Walesa (2410)




¾ Human
¼ El-Aurian






Federation, Starfleet



USS Revere (2402)
USS Federalist (2410)


Commander (2409)



John Walesa


Annette Walesa

Marital Status:






Other Relatives:

Alex Walesa (grandfather); Tairen (grandmother)

"She knows we're looking for her. She wants us to track in closely. Scatter volleys, torpedo spreads, tractor beams... if she's anything like me, she likes to fight in close quarters."
— Elsie Walesa
For mirror universe counterpart, see Elsie Walesa (mirror).

Elsie Walesa was a human female (who is one-quarter El-Aurian) who served as first officer aboard the USS Federalist under command of Captain Aznia Deet. As of 2410 she was married to Doctor Span, and mother to their only child, Calvin Walesa.

Elsie Walesa appears in the Star Trek: Federalist stories.

Family history

Elsie Walesa was born on Earth in the North American city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Her mother, Annette Walesa, worked in civil engineering. Her father, John Walesa, was a Ranger for the Federation Park Services Corps. Elsie's paternal grandmother, Tairen, was an El-Aurian refugee and the owner of the transport ship SS Lakul before it was destroyed in 2293. Though she lost her business and all of her possessions, Tairen was rescued by the Enterprise-B. There, Tarien met Elsie's grandfather, a journalist from the Federation News Service named Alex Walesa.

Starfleet career

Elsie always took an interest in piloting, so she enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2398 to pursue flight training. She graduated with the class of 2402 with a specialization in atmospheric flight and Tactical Operations. Her first posting was aboard the USS Revere, where she served as ship's conn officer, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by 2407. Early in 2410, Walesa was selected by Captain Aznia Deet to serve as executive officer aboard the Federalist.

Temporal Displacement Incident

Several months into her posting on the Federalist, Walesa was involved in a shuttle crash on an uncharted planet. Four Federalist crewman were killed as a result of the incident, but Walesa and the Vulcan ship's Doctor, Span, were able to survive. Unfortunately, a temporal displacement anomaly sent Commander Walsea and Doctor Span about four years back in time. During this time stranded on the planet, the officers were able to affect reasonable survival, and also developed a romantic relationship. When Doctor Span entered his period of Pon Farr, subsequent events led to Walesa becoming pregnant with their son, Calvin.

After four years stranded out of time, the Federalist was able to return them to the present, where the officers were reintegrated along with their now-toddler child. After setting back into service, Captain Deet conducted a wedding service for Doctor Span and Commander Walesa, officially making them husband and wife.