The Eastern Coalition (also known as ECON) was an alliance of nation-states located on the Asian continent of Earth in the 21st century. It was one of the participants of the Third World War, with many of it's cities being devastated by nuclear weapons.


The Coalition's leaders envied the USA, who had survived World War III taking minimal damage, while most of Asia suffered from disease, poverty, famine and crime. They would often attack the US, stealing what supplies they could and taking them back to Asia. However, the Eastern Coalition hardly helped its own people with this stolen booty. Self-elected "tyrant-judges" grew fat on the increase from such raids, using "narc-troopers" to consolidate their power, declared martial law in their diocese and ruled with a "guilty-till-proven-innocent" mentality, eliminating all forms of advocacy and declaring "shock-trials" to eliminate undesirables.


The Coalition lasted well into the later half of the 21st century, but met its demise sometime in 2079, when members of a group closely tied with the European Hegemony and the USA, known only as the Brotherhood, through economic embargoes, assassination and other under-handed means, brought about the downfall of the Eastern Coalition. The nations formerly under its control were later brought into the USSR.

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