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Warship Voyager Earth 2
For additional meanings of "Earth", please see Earth (disambiguation).

Earth is the third planet within Mars' solar system and primary homeworld of the Terran species.

Planetary OverviewEdit

Earth is an mostly arid, rocky world. Consisting of 7 main deserts which are the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Sahara, Gobi, and Oceanic there is distinct evidence that these were was once giant ocean-canyons and due to still existing polar ice-caps it was believed that Earth was once a richly ocean based planet no different than Mars. It was therefore conjectured for centuries by "Martian" Scientists that life may have existed at one time on this planet. And up until 1894, these conjectures never able to be proven, and therefore, were discredited as conspiracy theories.

Indigenous LifeformsEdit

After the invention of warp drive in 2032, the Martians made their first voyage to Earth, to see if life truly did exist thereon. They discovered the Terrans.

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