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The Dominion War was a conflict fought between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from 2373 to 2375. The war was fought by the Dominion to extend the will of the Founders over the two quadrants, while the alliance battled to remain free from Dominion influence.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Federation CollapseEdit

The Dominion War caused considerable damage to the United Federation of Planets' infrastructure before peace was found. This coupled with the size of the Federation's territory and its high number of member states caused the Federation to spiral into a period of rapid decline, culminating in the dissolution of the Federation Council in 2375. The Federation ceased to exist, but a new revolutionary government on Earth rose up and began a campaign to reunite the ex-member states of the Federation in a new imperial regime.

Dominion VictoryEdit

The Federation Alliance was easily defeated by the Dominion when Captain Benjamin Sisko was unable to convince the Prothets to postpone the Dominion Fleet coming through the Bajoran Wormhole and Roms mines failed to defend Deep Space Nine. In 2410 the subject races were persuaded by a starship crew from the Prime Universe to come together and form the Galactic Alliance to liberate the Milky Way Galaxy from the Dominion.

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