Timeline Distant past 20th century

{{cx|Beginning of time|

  • 11,800,000,000 BCE: The Temporus system begins forming
  • 11,300,000,000 BCE: Temporus forms as a protoplanet and under goes natural development into a planet
  • ca. 11.2 bya: Temporus cools and begins development on a protohabitable planet.
  • ca 5.3 bya: A large body of temporal energy (possibly radiated by the galactic core) sweeps across Temporus as life begins. Life from there on develops with biotemporal properties.
  • 5,000,000,000 BCE: One of the first intelligent races thought to exist, known as the Guardians built a peaceful star empire during this era, as well as constructing the Guardian of Forever and gaining expert knowledge of time & space. (Star Trek: Unity)
  • 3,800,000,000 BCE: First known Prokaryote on Earth, this is probably when the Ancient Humanoid spread their Desoxyribonucleinic Acid (DNA) on Earth and several other class-M planets like Qo'noS, Vulcan, Cardassia Prime, Andoria and many more (according to the theory of Evolution)
  • 23,000,000 BCE: First Primate on Earth (according to the theory of Evolution)
  • 10,000 BCE: First Sumerian Culture/Stone Age non-city farming Settlement and Culture
  • 6000 BCE: Creation of Earth (according to Judeo-Christian theory of Creation)
  • 5400 BCE: The 5th Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance begins the misogynistic characteristics of their philosophy by claiming women are physically unfit for acquiring profit.
  • 3900 BCE: The 9th Grand Nagus rights the first Rules of Acquisition and bylaws which repress feminine rights.
  • 3400 BCE First Sumerian City settlement is built named Ur
7th century
12th century
  • The Saer'nar are forced to leave the Andromeda Galaxy at some point during this century after another species throws them out of their own space. (PIO: "On a Knife Edge")
  • c. 1280s: Captain Givens estimated around this time the Borg most likely began Ancient Earth equivalent early space travel. If he was wrong, he estimated somewhere around the 13th century then.
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