Dl. or Dt.

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Dilithium, also known as Radan, is an Energetic Gaseous Element that when converted into Crystalline energy cells called Dilithium Crystals is used as a primary fuel element in most Star and Warships throughout the galaxy. Another isotope of this element discovered in the wreck of the Predator can bring ships to speeds of Warp 9.99999.


Constitution-class Starships used Crystallized Lithium as a power source until the mid-2260s when the Gas based element dilithium was discovered. Dilithium regulates the Matter/Anti-Matter reaction within a ships warp engine. This is possible because its ability to be rendered porous to light-element anti-matter when exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It can control the amount of power generated in the Reaction Chamber, channeling the energy released by mutual annihilation into the stream of Electro-Plasma. Spent crystals leave a trilithium resin in the reactor chamber.

One of the reasons that Dilithium was so valuable before the late 23rd century was due to the fact that Dilithium quickly decrystallizes through use until 2286 when Spock and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott created an Anti-Decrystallization process through a photonic based gamma radiation recrystallization process.


Dilithium Crystals compose of far more elements then simply its namesake substance. The primary Dilithium acts as a energy/power regulator within a Warp engines primary Deuterium/Anti-Deuterium fission reaction within the central crystal chamber, however a Dilithium Crystal contains various durable and heat and radiation stabilizing elements.

Primary CompositionEdit

  • 2(5)6 dilithium
  • 2(:)l diallosilicate
  • 1:9:1 heptoferranide

The crystals Heptoferranide inter sub-structure acts as vital and crucial part in the crystals energy flow regulation and distribution due to its radiation based heat/energy conductive/absorption properties.

Elemental PropertiesEdit

A member of the Hypersonic Series Elements. Dilithium is a Diatomic molecule consisting of 2 lithium Atoms covalently bonded together existing in a energy activated gaseous state. It has a bond order of 1 and a Internuclear separation of 267.3 pm and a bond energy of 101 kJ mol-1.

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