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In the mirror universe, Diana Penelope Rookwood was a Terran colonel in the New Terran Empire. She was privy and part to the conspiracy against the nominal empress Sato. She is also the great-niece of Alicia Rookwood.

Early Life

Diana was born into the time of reprieve between the capture of Regent Worf in 2375 and the arrival of the New Terran Empire ten years later. Her parents, Harold and Susan Rookwood, were fanatical about Terran superiority, and secretly wished that they could have sent their daughter to a conditioning camp, as what had happened with her great-aunt Alicia.

Imperial Service

As soon as she could hold a phase-rifle, Diana was prepared for war. At the age of 12, she was pressed into service of the New Terran Empire. Eventually she learned how to survive and she advanced through the ranks, whether on her feet or back, and became a colonel by 2399

At this time, she was assigned on an espionage mission into the prime universe. After stowing on to Terok Nor and using its transporters to take her into the prime universe, she settled down and began her work. She remained virtually undercover until 2405, when she bumped into her great-aunt.

Crusade for the Family Name

After a near-death experience during the overthrow of the puppet-empress Sato, Rookwood began to realize how short life was and, remembering her great-aunt, left the New Terran Empire and found passage into the prime universe, where she and her great-aunt began a "crusade" of sorts to discover the truth about their past.

Family Tree

Prime & Mirror universe

  • Tyler Rookwood (father) + Janice Phelps (mother) = Alicia Rookwood
  • John Rookwood (brother of Tyler) + Penelope Jones = Richard Rookwood
  • Richard Rookwood + Jane Williams = Harold Rookwood
  • Harold Rookwood + Susan Ellis = Diana Rookwood (Alicia's great-niece)

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