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Deralas ch'Zharan


Chan (male)









Kejal (23302369)


Active (2369)


Marital Status:

Divorced (2330)


Arathanna zh'Feilan, Chivistra sh'Vatara, and Feluthar th'Hevora (bondmates)


Deralas ch'Zharan or Dera was an Andorian who served aboard the Bajoran freighter Kejal.

Early life on AndoriaEdit

Deralas ch'Zharan was born in 2310 on Andoria. He was known as “Dera” to his family and friends. Dera was in a bondgroup with Arathanna zh'Feilan (or Thanna), Chivistra sh'Vatara (or Visi), and Feluthar th'Hevora (or Fel).

Relationships with bondmatesEdit


Of all of the relationships among the bondmates, the one between Dera and Thanna was the most difficult. Never very close, they had an adversarial relationship for most of their lives. Thanna, recognized as the leader of the group, was the most concerned with the well-being of the group as a whole and considered herself responsible for maintaining its integrity. Dera, on the other hand, was not in the least concerned by such things. Behind a somewhat stern exterior, she was deeply committed and had great affection in her own way for each of her bondmates. She cared about Dera, though admittedly not as much as for Visi or Fel, and was disappointed by his seeming lack of concern.


Visi was the most delicate of the four and was often found in the middle of arguments between Dera and Thanna. She was very close to both of them and but hated to see them fight.


Dera and Fel's relationship was the most complex. They had always been friends, but as they grew older they began to feel a romantic attraction to each other. Such relationships outside the confines of the four person bondgroup were generally discouraged, since they were thought to distract bondmates from their duty to the group. Tezha, the term for the sexual component of such a romance, if it came to that, was further believed to interfere with a successful mating for the same reason. Despite this, it was difficult to deny their feelings, especially with Thanna focused elsewhere and Visi's strong devotion to Thanna, and Fel and Dera began spending more time together. This culminated in the beginning of a sexual relationship in early 2330.

Last days on AndoriaEdit

That year, Dera, Fel, Visi, and Thanna prepared to continue with the shelthreth, the mating ceremony. However, shortly before they were to proceed, Thanna discovered the extent of Dera and Fel's relationship and called the ceremony off. Irate, she confronted them both and threatened to dissolve the bond group. Visi begged Thanna to agree to attempt the bonding, which she did, reluctantly.

Life on the KejalEdit

After the dissolution of the bondgroup, both Dera and Fel felt they needed a change and decided to leave Andoria. They said goodbye to Visi in secret and booked a spaceflight out.

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