Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Delta Phoenix hazard drone
Imperial Tactical Holo-Drone 0004


Hazard Drone


Primary Warship Tactical Automated Holographic unit


Imperial Federation of United Worlds


Imperial Defense Fleet


Central Heavy Defense/Offensive Drone


Sara Daystrom


AV-X Basic Science Exploratory Drones (Civilian Unit)


4 Multiple Heavy Phaser Arm Cannons
2 Heavy Phaser arrays (on rear utility armatures)
4 Multi EM Spectrum Cannons (in utility arms)
Self generating Point Defense laser modules
Internal Photonic & Quantum torpedo Array (multi-targeting)
Internal Photonic Blast array


Primary Heavy Particle Shield
Tactical Holo-Armor


The Delta Phoenix Hazard Holographic Drone system also known by their common title of Hazard Drones are the basic Special Assault Tactical automated unit of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds. Built for both heavy defensive/Offensive human infantry support and as a standalone heavy military unit the Hazard Drone was up until the late 25th Century the technical standard for artificial AI-Based specialized infantry.

System HistoryEdit

The DP Hazard Tactical Drone was created in 2362 as a possible means of replacing IMACO troops by Dr. Sara Daystrom as a new defense force for the Imperial Federation.

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