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Delta Flyer III-class
Delta Flyer III side


26 meters


12 meters


5.2 meters







Warp 6 (cruising)
Warp 7 (enhanced warp drive)


6 Type-VI phaser arrays;
2 Type-VIII pulse phaser cannons;
4 photon micro-torpedo launchers
20 quantum missiles


Deflector shield

Delta Flyer III top

The second offshoot of the Delta Flyer, the Delta Flyer III-class was intended as a multi-purpose craft along the lines of a heavy duty shuttle or Runabout.

The Delta Flyer III was built to be 3 meters longer than a runabout, giving it a larger after compartment.

In combat situations, it was used as a scout ship. The ship is roomy and fast enough to do interstellar trips. The hull of the Delta Flyer III is highly aerodynamic, and is composed of tetraburnium alloys with duranium reinforcements and parametallic plating.

Onboard tactical systems

The ship carried 6 dual-mounted Type-VI phaser banks, 2 Type-VIII pulse-phaser cannons, and 4 dual-mounted photonic missile launchers. It has a payload of 20 quantum missiles.


The warp nacelles are of variable geometry, allowing it to travel a normal cruise speed of Warp 5 and a maximum cruise speed of Warp 6. Equipped with the enhanced warp drive of the Khronnians, Delta Flyer III runabouts assigned to Vanguard Command can attain and sustain a maximum cruise speed of Warp 7.


The layout is fairly conventional - a large four-person cabin occupies the forward compartment. The engineering section is located in the larger aft compartment, which could also fit two pairs of stacking bunk beds, a small cargo bay, a retractable biobed, and a two-person transporter, along with the various systems usually associated with a vessel of this type.

Ships Commissioned (Vanguard Command)

There are 22 Delta Flyer III-class Runabouts in each of the field commands of Vanguard Command.